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Wills and Probate

Making a will

It is advisable for everyone to make a will so that when you die your money, property or possessions can be distributed according to your wishes.

If a will is not made, then the person dies intestate. This means that the decisions on how the estate is to be divided are taken out of the hands of the family and any persons involved in the administration of monies, property etc. are bound by the decisions made in law as who is to inherit.

If you need to make a will, your local Citizens Advice Bureau will assist you, or give you a list of solicitors who will be able to help you.

Probate registry office

When someone dies you may need a grant of representation (Probate) to enable you to gain access to and deal with the estate of the deceased. If you do, or think you might, then you should either:

  • contact a solicitor who will arrange this for you (you will find local firms of solicitors in Yellow Pages).
  • you can do it yourself.

If you want to do it yourself please visit the probate website.