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Cemeteries FAQ's

Grave Memorials are allowed in the cemeteries in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, copies of which can be obtained from Bereavement Services.

With the current owners permission you are able to erect a memorial, vase or plaque on a grave. However to enable maintenance of the cemetery and for safety it is not permitted to place chippings, edging, kerbing or glass containers etc. along the length of the grave.

Please contact Bereavement Services for further information.

The Council reserves the right to remove any memorial erected or altered without approval.

Plans showing locations of graves, burial registers, copies of rules and regulations, and fees and charges are available for inspection at the Bramcote Crematorium.

If you want to find a grave then you need to contact Bereavement Services who will find the grave details and either forward a map highlighting the area in which the grave is sited or meet with person on site.

Unfortunately it is not possible to choose a grave.

Cremated remains can be buried in a grave with the current grave owners permission. The burial must be arranged through Bereavement Services and the necessary documents completed.

The number of burials a grave will take is dependent on each cemetery and different soil conditions.

All new graves are usually for two coffins, although in some areas of Chilwell, Stapleford it is possible to have a grave for 3 coffins.

Old Grave spaces had allocation for up to four persons at Beeston Cemetery and up to three at the other cemeteries, where soil conditions permit. For more information please contact Bereavement Services.

If you do not want to use a funeral director, it is possible to arrange a coffin burial and a cremated remains burial without using a funeral director. Please contact Bereavement Services for further assistance.

In certain circumstances payment is made by the borough council and costs recovered from the deceased estate. For further information please contact the Environmental Health Department.

We hold records relating to grave occupants. We need the full name of the deceased and the date of death or year of death and will find graves from this info.

Parking at all cemeteries is limited. It is not permitted for any car to park on the grassed areas or the main drive of any cemetery.