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Grounds Maintainance

Broxtowe Borough Council has a grounds maintenance team which look after the cemeteries all year round. After the initial interment has taken place, the cemeteries team are responsible for:

  • The removal of wreaths.
  • The Levelling, seeding and the top-up of graves.
  • Clearing of paths.
  • Cutting of the trees and hedges.
  • Emptying of the bins.

Grass cutting in the cemeteries starts the first week in April and continues regularly until October.

The maintenance of all cemeteries and graves is the responsibility of the Council.

Even when ‘Exclusive Rights of Burial have been granted’ the ownership of the land remains with the Council and members of the public and grave-rights owners are not permitted to maintain graves themselves or plant shrubs/bulbs in the ground.  Any such items will be removed.