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Our Book of Remembrance is housed in a purpose built room in the Crematorium Building. Walk past the Serenity Chapel waiting room entrance to the corner of the building, the Book of Remembrance is just inside. The door is marked Book of Remembrance.

No. If you would like details on how to have a name put in the Book please contact us for a Book of Remembrance brochure or click on the Memorialisation page.

If you have an entry in the Book it is possible to view it online.

A link to our Book of Remembrance can be found within Information header and then into Memorialisation page.

This is also the page you go to if you have a swipe card, the only difference is that you can enter your swipe card number and go straight to the entry rather than go through the date search option.

You can also look up any deceased entries on the touch screen computer in the Book of Remembrance room.

Instructions on how to use this facility are on display in the room itself.

We have taken delivery of a new Digital Display Computer where anyone can view a new and existing entry without a swipe card.

It is a touch screen facility so swipe cards are not required. If you already have a swipe card you can still use it on the new computer.

Any Book of Remembrance entries that will be on display for the first time January 2006 onwards will not have swipe cards sent to the applicants. You may have a swipe card if you insist and we will be pleased to order one for you if you contact the Crematorium office (Swipe cards are only required if you wish to add pages to your Book of Remembrance entry).

We keep records of everyone cremated here and those who were cremated elsewhere whose ashes came here subsequently.

If you would like to enquire on this matter please contact us with the name of the deceased and date of death and we will endeavour to find which in section the ashes were placed.

We have two chapels - Serenity Chapel and Reflection Chapel.

Displayed at the entrance to each chapel is a list of funerals taking place that day. If you do not see the name of the deceased's funeral you are attending displayed on one chapel list, it may be displayed on the other chapel list. Both chapels are clearly sign posted Serenity Chapel and Reflection Chapel but If you require any assistance, please call into the office for directions.

We have a waiting room for each chapel where you are very welcome to wait. There are toilet facilities through both chapel waiting rooms. If you require refreshments there is a drinks machine in the both Chapel waiting rooms.

Tributes should either be delivered to the funeral director's offices so that they can be brought with the other flowers or can be given direct to the bearers when the funeral arrives at the crematorium.

This will ensure that they are placed with all the other tributes on the correct funeral.

We do not have facilities for florists to deliver tributes for funerals later in the day. We had to withdraw this facility due to the large number of complaints that tributes delivered many hours (sometimes days) late were not placed on the correct funeral.

Some people choose to take the flowers back home with them. If no special arrangements are made the flowers are displayed at the Crematorium for three days only.

We have disabled toilets and the building has no steps either up to it or internally. We also have a hearing loop installed and can provide large print hymn sheets if requested prior to the funeral.

We have a vast music library, the list can be found on the Wesley Music Website.

The Samaritans
National Helpline: 0845 7909090

Cruse Bereavement Care
Helpline: 0844 4779400

Counselling Directory
Helpline: 0844 8030 240

Stillbirth & Neonatal death Charity
Helpline: 020 74365881