The Cemeteries team.

StaplefordThe cemetery team is here to offer advice and help with interments (burials), taking into consideration different religious and cultural requirements.  The team can also offer advice about memorials, how to transfer the 'Exclusive Right of Burial' and any other questions you may have regarding the maintenance of the cemeteries .  The cemeteries office has been based at the Bramcote Crematorium since 2010 and can be contacted on 0115 9173338 or 0115 9173630 or cemeteries@broxtowe.gov.uk.
The cemeteries at Eastwood and Kimberley are currently the only two that have a Garden of Remembrance, in which families are able to scatter cremated remains (ashes).
The lease for the 'Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial' in the Broxtowe Borough Council cemeteries is currently 99 years from the date of purchase. Whilst ownership of an Exclusive Right of Burial for a grave does not give any ownership whatsoever in respect of actual land, it does give the owner of the Deed the right to:
Broxtowe Borough Council has a grounds maintenance team which look after the cemeteries all year round. After the initial interment has taken place, the cemeteries team are responsible for:
Information relating to cemetery fees and charges.
Information on all Cemeteries in Broxtowe.
In order that the Council can maintain the Cemeteries to the best possible standards, the following guidelines are set out to take into account some of the rules and regulations which exist. I trust that they will be helpful to you in considering any plans which you may be making.
Information on Council maintained Churchyards.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all Service Memorials that are located in the Council's cemeteries.
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