Your privacy is paramount to Bramcote Crematorium and as such, Bramcote Crematorium is committed to protecting your privacy online. We will treat any personal information by which you can be identified (i.e. name, address, email and the like) in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

We will not sell, trade or rent your information to other third parties.

We will not collect any personal information without your knowledge. This information will be collected for a known purpose that you understand and will not be used in future for any other reason other than the one it is being collected for in the first instance.

The collection of information is for the purpose of communicating with you in regards to an online query and/or your benefiting from our online transactional services.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies on the website are only used to store user session data. No sensitive data is stored in the cookie itself. The session information is used to store a number of interactions such as using the Login or Polls function. As such this information is necessary for these options to function and is providing a service that the visitor has requested. As this is stored using session data this means that when the browser is closed, they're deleted also. For more information on how to enable/disable your browsers cookies, visit the relevant link within the offsite links section. If your browser is not shown, please contact the browsers support website.

List of cookies
Cookie Name Purpose
Google Analytics


These cookie are used for us to collate data on statistics such as website visits, where the visitors entered the site and the pages they visited.
Essential site cookie ASP.NET_SessionId Is essential for site functionality and is set by the .net framework. This cookie is deleted when you close your browser.
Accessibility clientvars
To improve accessibility for visually impaired users so that they can see the content more clearly.
Cookies Banner cookiesDirective To provide the cookie banner information when the website is loaded for the first time to inform users that this website uses cookies.

Linked Sites

The privacy statement applies solely to the Bramcote Crematorium website. If you visit one of the linked sites our policy no longer applies and we strongly recommend that you check the linked sites privacy statement for further information.