As a Council, we want to make our online information available to all, whatever their needs. This page details the different features we offer to help users with access needs navigate the website. If you have any difficulties or find an area of the website particularly hard to use, please get in touch.

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Accessibility Statement

Bramcote Bereavement Services aims to meet the World Wide Web Consortium Accessibility Guidelines Version 2 “Double-A” standard as this is currently the recommended minimum standard for council websites.

Our website has been designed with this in mind and we’re constantly working with our website editors to try to make content as accessible as possible.


While we’ve tried to ensure this site is accessible, you may encounter some limitations.

These are usually older PDF documents or external applications accessed from our web pages. We are working with all of our departments and contacts to try and improve the accessibility standard in these areas. We pledge that we will try to provide documents in an accessible format where possible.

If you have any difficulties accessing any area of our website, please do get in touch. We’re happy to hear from you and your feedback will help us make our site better.

Access Keys

This website uses the following access keys, which follow Government guidelines:

  • S – Skip Navigation
  • 1 – Home page
  • 4 – Search
  • 5 – Frequently Asked Questions
  • 8 – Terms & Conditions
  • 9 – Feedback Form
  • 0 – Access Key Details

How to use these keys


Netscape/Mozilla – hold down the ‘Alt’ key and press the assigned key on the keyboard

Internet Explorer – do the same but also press the ‘enter’ key to navigate to a page


Hold down the left-hand ‘control’ and ‘option’ keys and press the assigned key on the keyboard

Change Contrast & Size

Font Size & Type

The website’s default paragraph font is currently set to 16pt using the Montserrat font. The website can be displayed in three different colour contrasts. If you wish to change any of these settings please use the accessibility options.

Listen To The Website

This website has been created to easily allow Text to Speech software to read out each of the webpages. Multiple free readers are available online, so please use whichever you are most comfortable with.