Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial

The lease for the ‘Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial’ in the Broxtowe Borough Council cemeteries is currently 99 years from the date of purchase. Whilst ownership of an Exclusive Right of Burial for a grave does not give any ownership whatsoever in respect of actual land, it does give the owner of the Deed the right to:

  • Be interred in the grave, authorise further interments in that grave (where space is available), or the interment of cremated remains in or over that grave.
  • Erect, place or have an additional inscription of a memorial on that grave subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Broxtowe Borough Council relating to memorialisation.
  • If a grave was pre-purchased for future use and no interment has taken place and the grave owner wishes to sell it back to the Council, in such cases the Council will pay the original purchase price.
  • The Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial is an important document and should be kept safe as it must be produced every  time an interment is arranged.

Transferring ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial

Possession of a Deed does not legally transfer ownership of the Exclusive Right of Burial.  Where the owner is deceased, subsequent ownership depends upon whether or not the deceased person left a valid Will, Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

If this is the case or you are not sure, contact the cemeteries team, who will help and advise on how to transfer the Exclusive Right of Burial into another person’s name.

There is a formal and legal process that must be followed before the exclusive rights are formally transferred to a new owner and this process cannot be by-passed.