Rules & Regulations

In order that the Council can maintain the Cemeteries to the best possible standards, the following guidelines are set out to take into account some of the rules and regulations which exist. I trust that they will be helpful to you in considering any plans which you may be making.

Nothing other than flowers, wreaths, headstone and vase may be placed on the grave, and in the interest of safety, no glass, or pot items should be left on the grave.

The Council will, when necessary, level the surface of the grave and cover with turf or grass seed.

Before the erection of any memorial on a grave, details, including size, inscription and materials of the memorial, should be forwarded to the Cemeteries Officer for approval. A copy is retained by the Council.

Headstones and memorial sizes are all in the attached Cemetery Rules and Regulations.

The grave owner is the “registered” owner of the Exclusive Right of Burial i.e. the name on the Deed of Grant. No grave may be opened or memorial erected without the grave owner’s permission.

Please note that it is sometimes necessary to open a grave or excavate new graves in close proximity to existing graves. All possible efforts will be made by the Council and its Contractors to minimise distress should this necessity arise.